As I work with business leaders all over the world there seems to be one constant issue that arises in leadership development with almost every leader I work with and that is poor sales execution within your company can ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS be directly connected to the executives ability to lead. There are three direct leadership development connections, (1) The sales strategies most often fail on execution, (2) Companies too often follow a comfortable path and fail to capitalize on growth opportunities, (3) The tyranny of the urgent can kill good intentions.

Poor Leadership Development Leads to Poor Sales Efforts

Leadership Connection #1: The sales strategies most often fail on execution due to poor leadership development -Tony Hayward the CEO of British Petroleum summed up the major problem with companies today when he said, “Our problem is not about the strategy itself, but about our execution of it.” Granted, he was referring to the spill in the Gulf, however, that statement has been echoed over and over again by leaders when referring to sales for years. The execution of the strategy always goes back to poor leadership and particularly poor leadership development.

Leadership Connection #2: Companies too often fail in leadership development and do not capitalize on growth opportunities: Everyone knows that Dell computer has been struggling. Dell’s old direct sales model failed as management continued along a comfortable path and the organization’s leadership failed to adapt. For companies to thrive today, you must develop a new paradigm of leadership development and execution. If you are a slave to the past, you will be on the sidelines in your vertical market growth.

Leadership Connection #3: The tyranny of the urgent can kill good intentions: The issue is that company priorities can be lost in daily problems as the tyranny of the urgent takes over and the company loses focus. I’ve witnessed it first hand this week with a client who chose not to confront an issue directly tied to leadership development and saw it severely affect his bottom line. When that happens, leaders need to lean on the leadership development skills they have learned to overcome debilitating issues. In this case of my client, he did not and he panicked causing an uncomfortable ripple effect throughout his organization.

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