Ever notice that the people you are selling to are very resistant to traditional selling? There is so much marketing clutter out there that people’s brains tunes out to anything that resembles an advertisement. Want to reach them? Use education based marketing to get your buyers attention.

We live in a society that continually broadcasts advertising messages at us.

  • Children see an average of 16,000 thirty second ads per year (A.C. Nielsen Co.2012)
  • The average adult receives over 3000 marketing messages per day (Yankelvich Research)

Instead provide information that they actually want. This is the basic marketing strategy in education based marketing.

Use Education based marketing to alter how people make their buying decision. As an example, a client of mine produces injection molded parts for other companies. Often prospects come to them looking for the cheapest price.

My client spends time educating prospects on the hidden costs that often occur in purchasing injection molded plastic parts. Prospects quickly learn that there can be many hidden costs that they need to take into consideration.

The result is that prospects learn which questions to ask when making a purchase. They use client education to reset the buying criteria so they become the natural company to buy from.

Traditional selling methods continue to get more expensive and yield lower results as consumers tune out advertising methods. Businesses need to change if they want to stand out from their competition. The answer is to provide value in the form of education and give them something they want and need.

Advantages of education based marketing

  1. Use market data that educates how to best buy the products that you sell.
  2. This allows you to train your customer to want to buy from you.
  3. The act of educating positions you as an expert.