I have been involved in business development coaching for 20 years and I always see one pathway to sales success with three key components. If any one of these three components or REASONS are ignored, and at least ONE always is, then the business is headed for mediocrity and even disaster. The three reasons are: (1) The sales person skills, (2) Analyzing the metrics, (3) Focus on continual improvement.

Business Development Coaching Focuses on Results

Reason #1 – The sales person skills: Let me just say, while this appears to be obvious it really isn’t. Most business owners do a poor job of accessing the sales person actual sales skills. I suggest profiling the sales person, and taking them through an interview that focuses on their background, passions and even family. Switch is up a little bit and set up the interview so they have to close you on hiring them. An excellent business development coaching team can expertly guide you through this process.

Reason #2 – Analyze the metrics: Sales people can lie all the time about their skill or results. However, the numbers don’t! A good business development coaching process includes a metric analysis of where the leads are coming from (This determines future marketing strategy), what sales person is getting that lead and whether they are setting up an appointment. Next how many of those leads they are closing and total revenue. If the numbers don’t add up then it is time to make a change.

Reason #3 – Focus on continual improvement: This means you turn your sales meeting from an information dump to a time where you include role payoff certain sales skills and hot seating on issues that arise often in the sales process. The job of the Sales manager or CEO is to guard this process with their life and make sure you are tuning up you sales people on the latest sales skills and help in how to overcome objections. You should do this on a weekly basis with the help of a highly trained business development coaching team. Many business fail at this area in a big way because they are not pigheaded determined to see the process through.

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