Starting a business is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, and coming up with clever marketing ideas to support your business is equally challenging. For those who decide to start their business online, the obstacles in succeeding are similar, yet very different than that of a normal business located on the corner of a street. However, for online businesses or store front that are looking to thrive, proper marketing and exposure can be crucial considering the great amount of competition that is out there. Using correct internet marketing strategies for both can often be very difficult, which is a great reason to consider hiring an internet marketing consultant company that employs cutting edge internet marketing strategies. There are three very clear strategies I recommend to ensure success on the net.

  • (1) Hire only the best,
  • (2) Get a proven SEO company that can show results,
  • (3) Educate, educate, educate.

Three Great Internet Marketing Strategies

Hire the best and forget the rest: The world of online marketing is constantly changing, so hiring experts is the best way to make sure that your business does not fall behind the competition. If your business is struggling then there could be numerous issues that you need to resolve, including the overall design and layout of your website. If customers are not staying on your site for very long, then that could very well be the issue that is causing customers to run away without truly exploring what your business offers. A good internet marketing company will open your eyes to this and lead you to designing a much more appealing layout for your website that will welcome customers. Additionally, you must look for a company specializing in responsive technology which ensures that your website is primed to be used on all devices. Most websites are not built to be convertible on all devices and it’s important to note that within the next several years over 50% of website hits will be on smart phones and tablets. Check sites that are deploying that strategy at a high level and copy them.

If the SEO company is not ranked, run don’t walk: Another major problem that could be holding your website back is the lack of exposure through search engines. Many consumers use popular search engines to get an idea of which company they can use to order a needed product, and the idea is for your business to stand out and be among the first names listed when someone types in products that you offer. It is very important that your company’s URL is listed in search engines so that your potential customers can be connected to you in an easy way. The ability to apply useful internet marketing strategies such as this one can sometimes be the difference in the success or failure of your business. Look for someone who’s had extensive success in this area. Hint: If your SEO provider can show you several key word terms (20-30 min.) of their own ranked in the top 3 of Google, run don’t walk, to someone who can.

Design an educational site that teaches: Variety is another key in being able to establish your presence in the online business world, a very important key to say the least. Customers want to visit a website that can offer them several options, as this is a very important factor in assuring that a customer will come back to your website again and again. Many companies have 20 or more pages of relevant content with two key word phrases in each, one a primary and one secondary. Do the math, that’s 40 key word phases drawing traffic to your site. Additionally, make sure you educate on your pages and do not sell. Google looks favorably on education and thumbs it nose at selling as anyone can do that, but few can educate real well. Running an online business can be a very rewarding experience; albeit one that includes a great deal of hard work. Hiring a quality internet marketing consultant company can go a long way in making your life easier and helping you fulfill all of your dreams of internet success.