It’s essential that you prepare and teach your team about the importance of change management. As Harold Wilson once said “He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” Change is a way of life. The ability to manage change is critical for success. Things are always changing in the world and the organization must be able to change with it. Another great once said that in order to change, we have to let go of fear.

So, what are business owners typically fearful of: (1) Persuading employees to embrace change, (2) Conveying concisely what needs to happen, (3) Making your sure employees “own” the change.

Steps in Change Management

How to persuade change: The first thing that you should do is try to encourage your team to allow and embrace changes. To do this, you must make sure that you stay calm when you are under your own pressure due to change. This will set a good example for your workforce to follow.

One really good idea that has been proposed by experts is to make it seem like the change is urgent and needs to happen right now. This will get a fire under everyone and get them moving quickly but only if you have your facts together and the goal clear. Clear facts and direction will move employees out of their comfort zone to positive movement.

Convey clearly the next steps: Next, you should show your employees how badly the change is needed by demonstrating to them the ways that the current procedures are not working. Break it down piece by piece and you will be surprisingly effective. Often, the fear of change can have to do with a fear of the unknown. Teaching your employees what will happen in the future when the change happens will make it less scary. This is another reason why proper change management in the workplace is so important.

Own it or lose it: Leadership today has changed drastically. Where it was once appropriate to top down your leadership style similar to how it is done in the military, it is now appropriate to hire the right people and work as a team to solve the issues facing you. It’s been said, “If you get the whole team pulling the rope in the right direction, you’ll win!” That’s never been more accurate of the today’s workplace. Make sure your team owns the change as much or more than you do and watch your organization grow.

Combine these three key change management skills and hang on for the rise of your business life.