It doesn’t matter if you are doing online sales or selling to clients in a brick and mortar store. Your sales process contains the same basic steps.

You need to attract interested buyers who need what you are selling. You guide them through your selling sequence or sales process until they buy. After the sale you follow up and work to turn them into happy repeat buyers.

6 Step Sales Process

  1. Attract: Your marketing needs to make your business visible. This can include business signage, vehicle wraps, website, referral partners and even articles in the local newspaper. For online businesses this would include search engine optimization, pay-per-click, social media, email marketing, etc. You need to build multiple paths to attract prospects to investigate what you sell.
  2. Learn: As new prospects come to your business, educate them on what you offer. Show them the benefits and advantages. Benefits are what the buyer will experience. Advantages are why you are better than your competition.
  3. Consider: Help them weigh the pros and cons by comparing products. Will your product meet their needs? Provide reviews so they can get social proof on how well your product performed. Answer the question why should they trust you? Use testimonials, returns policy and even trade associations that you belong to.
  4. Action: Here they make the decision to buy or subscribe. This is the conversion where they change from prospect to client. Make it easy and a positive experience.
  5. Interact: Deliver what you promised when they purchased or subscribed. Stay in contact by direct mail, email or social media. You want to begin forging a lasting relationship built on trust.
  6. Retain: Turn them into loyal repeat buyers. Provide service second to none. Provide special offers or incentives to keep them engaged.

Your sales process will be tailored to your business and your industry. Your marketing efforts need to focus on not only attracting but also on retaining clients.