As I have stated in earlier blogs, the key to building a solid education based marketing message is to juggle the right amount of pain (to remind the buyer why they are coming to you), solutions (solving the pain is very important in marketing), and social proof (what are others saying about you that will aid in your messaging). We have already talked about how to construct the pain and solution portion of your messaging (How to Add The Right Amount of Pain to Your Education Based Marketing Messaging) and (How to Develop the Right Solutions to Your Education Based Marekting Messaging) and today’s blog is all about developing social proof which the critical component to conveying your education based marketing messaging.

How to Integrate Social Proof Into Education Based Marketing

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are continuing to drastically change how we message. Just a few years ago social media was enough of a novelty to question whether they might “actually be the driving force behind messaging in this decade. Well, guess no more! They are here and study after study reveals that if you are not utilizing these tools you are missing out on opportunities to convert clients into revenue.

The beauty of this kind of social media is they all bridge the gap between the clutter of messaging and legitimacy. In other words, in today’s world you can gain credibility be effectively using social media and this fits right into education based marketing. As we have discussed in earlier blogs, once the pain and solutions are developed in your education based marketing message it us time to gather the social proof, and I suggest you utilize the aforementioned social media tools to gather testimonies the appeal directly to your solutions. Instagram is a relatively new tool that brings video into play and can be accomplished in under 15 seconds. Twitter does its magic in 70 characters or less and Facebook allow you to gather a longer written message. Either of the tools are excellent and can instantly add to you education based marketing messaging.

Additionally, you can develop the social proof by simply asking for a testimony from a client the matches the solution. It’s smart to coach the client to mirror the premise of the solution while still be genuine. I would also suggest you utilize video as well and it is a real good idea to get a professional videographer who can guide the client to saying the kind of things you can really use for an effective social proof message.

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