If you are new to the world of website development, you’ve probably figured out it’s not easy as the commercials imply. Quite honestly whether you are just get started or a web vet, you’re probably reading this blog because your web traffic stinks and you are in need of a serious boost in the Google rankings. My suggestion is to propel your traffic and boost your ranking in Google by deploying a solid video marketing services strategy. I’ve broken it up into three components that I see as vital to a solid plan. (1) Utilize video to enhance your educational message, (2) Utilize video to instruct visitors how to navigate around your site, (3) Utilize video to familiarize your visitors about your company.

Three Components to a Successful Video Marketing Services Strategy

Video will enhance your educational message: It’s been said that most video’s yell, tell or smell. If you want your video to sell then you need to educate your clients about what you do and why you are different. I suggest you summarize the content on the page you are placing your video and make sure you are educating the competitive difference in what you have to offer not blatantly pitching your wares. A good video marketing services company will expertly guide you through this process.

Video should instruct visitors how to navigate the site: The home page is vital to the success of your site. This page should let the visitor know who you are but most importantly direct your visitor how to best use your site. Keep the intro short and pithy about 1:30 at the most and be very clear and concise, yet relaxed in your language patterns. I suggest that you use a top video marketing service pro as they will help direct and produce a piece that you will be proud of.

Video should familiarize your visitors about your company: It’s simple; tell your visitors about your history and vision and get out of there in less than 2 minutes. Make sure to craft your message to zero in on what you are about and how you can be an asset to the visitor.

Clearly, video marketing is very difficult to deploy on your own. If you don’t believe me go ask some of your friends. If you need help in video marketing services, contact Developing Winners Associates and we can give you a 1/2 hour free consultation and help you set up a strategy to get going and be successful.

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