Does your management team all work together to run your business. Are there a common bond and a high level of trust? We all know team building is important, but how to implement? The team building process is not a onetime event; it is a long term commitment requiring nurturing and trust building.

Many companies try the quick fix with a one day seminar or a weekend retreat. These short bursts of training if done in isolation do not have a long-term effect. What does your team building process require?

Team Building Process

Leadership: One key to team building is to be a good leader. Being a good leader sets the standard for all of your workers to follow. If your leadership team is not effective, then you other employees won’t be very good at what they do either. They certainly won’t work well together as a team.

Start Early: It’s important for you to begin the team building as quickly as you possibly can. You can’t allow time to pass where your team is not working together and learning problem solving techniques. You don’t want to get to the point where everything has gotten crazy with deadlines and budgets. The time to act on team building is now.

Teaming Exercises: Get your team together and do team building exercises on a regular basis. Give the team feedback as they work through the exercises on their body language and the way they focus their energies.

Make sure that you allow time for feedback during the team building exercise. Allow time for your team to ask questions. This is important because your team needs to be on the same page as you. This is why the team building process is so important.