About three years ago I was at a Tony Robbins Business Mastery Conference and the speakers were waxing eloquent on how social media was about to take the stage as the preeminent marketing strategy available. Fast forward three years later and it is clear that social media plays a big part in developing and deploying your Educational Marketing Message.

Three Social Proof Components Of An Educational Marketing Message

Educational Marketing Message Social Proof #1: I suggest you use video to capture clients that are pleased with your services and record them with a proven video professional. The videographer should be prepped in advance the questions that need to be asked and those questions should lead to direct statements that lead to your company as the answer to pain that they feel in the marketplace. Don’t overhype it. Keep it simple and deliver the message clearly, concisely and most importantly, short! I suggest you contact Bob Chesney to learn more about how video marketing can enhance your social media strategy.

Educational Marketing Message Social Proof #2: You should use LinkedIn to drive clients to you products. You can join LinkedIn groups and gain credibility with them and then tell them how you are the answer to what they need. It’s a great way to establish credibility and it works. The key is to erect an educational marketing message that teaches and informs. When you do that, someone is far more likely to listen that if you throw the typical buy now messaging to the top 3% to people that might be thinking of buying now. You can also use video links in your LinkedIn strategy. I suggest you contact Ira Rosen at Mojo Video Marketing to learn more about this great strategy.

Educational Marketing Message Social Proof #3: Facebook is still an extremely viable social proof strategy as you deploy your educational marketing message. Don’t be afraid to educate on Facebook and again, drive the clients to you as the answer to their pain in the market place. This is a great place to use videos as well. Go for it!

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