Small business consulting firms have had to change with what is being termed the Great Recession. They need to actively help with growth or with cost savings. They have to help companies lower their costs and optimize profits. Small business consultants have to create value for their clients by providing expertise in specialized areas of knowledge.

Companies should use small business consulting to refocus and make changes during a recession. For the last 5 years we have been in a time of great change. Remember that with great change comes great opportunity. You simply may need help in spotting these opportunities.

Small Business Consulting Strategies

Look for Growth. Even in a down economy there are growth areas. When times are tough, you have two choices. You can hunker down and ride it out. You can also look for areas that are (or will be) growing. The question is do you want to be a survivor or come out of the recession as a market leader picking up growth while others are making cuts.

Buy competitors: Weaker competitors may be struggling. Now is the time to buy them at greatly reduced prices allowing you to buy market share, talent and even their technology. Buy carefully to position your company for growth.

Use a small business consulting firm to make a careful assessment of your business, your competitors and your market to look for opportunities.

Successful small business consulting firms provide specialized knowledge and fill knowledge gaps that exist in their client companies. Specific knowledge needs for any business will vary based on the in-house resources and in-house skill sets. Use small business consulting to expand revenue and profits.