You are a business between one to ten million in revenue and you are pushing the envelope of potential explosive growth. You know you need to get to the next level in your marketing and sales. You are aware that you need to develop the systems and metrics to assure constant growth. The question is how do you get there while devoting your time to the most important issues? What you need is a qualified a small business consulting firm to help you navigate the turbulent waters of marketing and sales growth and help you propel you small business to significant growth.

I suggest you find small business consultant to work with you to capture the best of your small business flexibility with a big business mentality that only a highly trained educational marketing consultant can bring out. The process is broken up into three distinct phases, all designed to propel your revenues far beyond what you may be experiencing now.

Three Small Business Consulting Tips

You should look for a small business consulting engagement will be broken into three distinct phases: (1) Marketing & Sales, (2) Metrics and Systems, (3) Leadership Development. A sales and marketing plan should be developed with you and your consultant and then together the initiatives will be ranked from the most important to those that you are willing delay for just a short amount of time. Next, you will work with your small business consulting team to ensure that the correct systems and metrics are in place to create long-term success. This ensures that the whole range of business issues are addressed in a way you can grow your company.

Finally, a qualified small business consultant will work with you on leadership issues that may be constraining growth in your business. The goal should be to help you become the leader you need to be to reach the revenues and success you want for your business.

Marketing and Sales

This starts with educational website development. I recommend Doug Williams who pioneered the educational marketing website of which all of your marketing and sales game plan should evolve around, primarily because the website has now become the window to your business. Next, your small business consulting team should explore a possible public relations strategy, advertising, promotional literature, direct mail personal sales effort steps to the sale, up sell/cross sell, referrals and more.

All of these marketing and sales initiatives pivot around your educational story, which can be developed in collaboration with an education video marketing expert. I recommend Bob Chesney, who has over 53 years of video marketing experience, and is an expert at creating the educational story to work with a variety of tools that he will custom design for your business.

Systems and Metrics

It’s been said if you don’t know your numbers and your metrics, you don’t know your business. An experienced small business consultant knows that all of the sales and marketing in the world will only work if you get this right! I recommend you do your homework and find a small business consulting team that understands this at a high level. The consultant should work with you to insert the Key Performance Indicators, which are necessary to make sure you have command of the systems and metrics you need to ensure your company is vibrant for years to come.


John Maxwell has said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership” and that has never been more accurate than it is today. Your DW consultant will make sure that you are the leader you need to be by offering you opportunities to join mastermind groups, leadership seminars and you can even be part of our Build Your Business Hour by giving us your information in the box on the right.

I suggest you define your vision, create a plan of action and get real results by asking a qualified Developing Winners Small Business Consulting team member to give you a free 30-minute consultation today.