I am often asked, “What is the key to dental marketing” and how can a practice stick out among everyone else? The answer is relatively simple but often overlooked and can be broken down into what I call three tips, (1) Make sure your website is a winner, (2) Build a dental marketing plan and stick to it, (3) Evaluate your plan and change it as needed.

Three Great Dental Marketing Tips For Marketing Success

Tip #1 – Make sure your website is a winner: The website is like flossing. You have to pay a lot of attention to it and it’s more important than you think. Dental marketing begins with building an educational website complete with video, social proof: loaded with various SEO (Search Engine Optimized) pages that draw clients looking for what you do. This is quite an art and honestly, very difficult, so you will want to look for a dental marketing professional who specializes in dental website development to help you out. Here is a website I suggest you check out? Go ahead and compare it to your website. It’s educational. It’s informative and it uses video. And..It’s better than the one you have.

Tip#2 – Build a dental marketing plan and stick to it: While the website is the window to your business, it must be supported by a complete dental marketing plan. Along with the website, I encourage my clients to explore community events that they can attend to get the word out. In addition, we often look at typical PR strategy, direct mail ideas; even traditional advertising ideas. The key is to building a solid dental marketing plan is to work with a dental marketing professional that can work with you to discover the best strategies. They are out there and just because they didn’t work once, it doesn’t mean they won’t work. That’s like saying I flossed once and I don’t like it. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Tip #3 – Evaluate your plan and change it as needed: If your website isn’t drawing visitors then change your strategy. If you marketing isn’t working then change your direction. The problem with most dentists that I work with is that their marketing has too many holes and they quit too soon. My advice is to follow the advice you give to your patients which is be consistent, do the little things and change up your approach if something isn’t working. Consult a proven dental marketing professional to help you sort this all out. It’s like a routine check up. It’s something we all need. You will find it will pay handsome dividends if you are disciplined in this very important area.

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