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dental website marketing

7 Basics of Effective Dental Website Marketing

Here are 7 basic things you need to be doing to have an effective dental website marketing program for your practice. Before we get started, however, understand that dental website marketing revolves around traffic and conversion.  How…

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dental online reputation repair

Online Reputation Repair Can Save Your Dental Practice

As you’re probably aware, Google changed things dramatically for every dentist on June 1, 2012.  That day was the start of a new era where a practice’s “reputation” is shown in multiple places online.  And depending upon…

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websites for dentists, dental websites

Websites for Dentists: How to Attract More Patients

By Doug Williams, Website marketing specialist. A dental practice website should be designed to deliver specific business results for your practice. When building websites for dentists, we look at what the practice needs and what the patients want….

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medical websites

Medical Websites: How to Attract More New Patients

By Doug Williams Medical websites, dental websites and chiropractor websites all have one common objective. To attract more new patients into the practice this is important to a thriving medical office. How do you do this? Medical…

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Use Healthcare Strategy Consulting to Create a Strategic Plan for Your Practice

By Beau Donegan The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly affecting many healthcare practices. Understanding what will be happening a year or two from now is very challenging for most medical practices. This is the importance of using…

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Website Marketing Tip: Start by Thinking like Your Customers

It really is about the simple things. For your website to get the best results, you have to give your visitors what they want. Website marketing should be based on a clear understanding of why your visitors…

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How To Use Social Proof to Enhance Your Educational Marketing Message

About three years ago I was at a Tony Robbins Business Mastery Conference and the speakers were waxing eloquent on how social media was about to take the stage as the preeminent marketing strategy available. Fast forward…

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How to Write Web Content that Get Killer Results

Writing for the web is different than writing for print. Writing web content for your website is brief and to the point with shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences and fewer words. Each web page should have a purpose…

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Three Ways Small Business Consulting Can Help Your Public Relations Strategies

You have just started a small business and you are trying to determine strategies to propel your business. I would suggest you look for a Small Business Consulting team that has and extensive background in Social Media,…

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Why Is Trust With Your Small Business Consultant So Important?

There are so many Small Business Consultant firms to choose from, the question is, “Which one do I choose and what is the criteria?” I’ll make it easy for all of us by breaking it up into…

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