You have heard that you should be blogging for your business. How do you get started? You are looking for blog marketing tips to get started. What do you blog about? What should you expect from blogging?

Four Blog Marketing Tips

  1. RSS setup: A very important benefit of blogging is that your blog broadcasts your message across the web. This attracts traffic to your website. Register your RSS feed with Feedburner (a Google owned service). Feedburner will rebroadcast your feed to all the Feedburner partners (there are a lot of them). This brings you even more traffic.
  2. Stay focused: Choose your blog topic that will be related to your business. Many people will tend to write a little about everything. To get the best results (attracting traffic and new customers) you need to focus your blog around a single topic. If you were website design firm you could write about web design, SEO, social media, branding, content writing, etc. You would be much better off picking one or two closely related topics and focus your blog on that.
  3. Keywords: One of the reasons that you want to blog is to naturally improve the SEO on your website. You do that by using keywords in your writing. Start by creating a list of keywords that you can use in blogging. I suggest at least one hundred phrases that you use as your resource list. Use any free keyword research tool. You can quickly locate these by doing a Google search for “free keyword research tools.” If you have an Adwords account, the Google keywords tool is a good one.
  4. Blog format: A blog posting should be about 250 words. Use the keyword phrase in the posting title, in the first paragraph of your blog and at least once more in the remainder of the blog. As you write, use shorter paragraphs (under 50 words) and shorter sentences than you would use in writing for print.

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