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Medical Practice Consulting

Our experts will work with you and your team to solve real practice issues. This includes profit improvement, strategic planning, leadership development, team building and creating accountability within your team..

Medical Practice Marketing

Build multiple ways to attract patients to your practice. Use education based marketing in video and your website. Use SEO and paid search to attract targeted patients. Develop a strategic marketing plan…

Medical Practice Management

We help you build systems for practice success. Create clarity through clear position description, establishing metrics ad key performance indicators, systems for patient retention, HIPAA and electronic health records.

Practice Coaching Vs. Practice Consulting

You have come to this site because your practice marketing is ineffective and your sales are down with very little hope of growth. The economy continues to give you little hope of "real" business survival. You are locked in between descending hope and entertaining business strategy after strategy that guarantee your very survival. Business coaching or business consulting can give you …

Our Methodology

You are a business between one to ten million in revenue and you are pushing the envelope of potential explosive growth. As a progressive executive, you are aware you need to get to the next level in your marketing and sales and that systems and metrics are needed to assure constant growth. So, how do you get there while devoting…

Website Marketing Tip: Start by Thinking like Your Customers

It really is about the simple things. For your website to get the best results, you have to give your visitors what they want. Website marketing should be based on a clear understanding of why your visitors are coming to your website. All you have to do is help them…

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How To Use Social Proof to Enhance Your Educational Marketing Message

About three years ago I was at a Tony Robbins Business Mastery Conference and the speakers were waxing eloquent on how social media was about to take the stage as the preeminent marketing strategy available. Fast forward three years later and it is clear that social media plays a big…

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How to Write Web Content that Get Killer Results

Writing for the web is different than writing for print. Writing web content for your website is brief and to the point with shorter paragraphs, shorter sentences and fewer words. Each web page should have a purpose and an action you want your reader to take. 6 Tips For Writing…

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Three Ways Small Business Consulting Can Help Your Public Relations Strategies

You have just started a small business and you are trying to determine strategies to propel your business. I would suggest you look for a Small Business Consulting team that has and extensive background in Social Media, Blogging and developing YouTube content. Three Small Business Consulting Public Relation Strategies For…

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Why Is Trust With Your Small Business Consultant So Important?

There are so many Small Business Consultant firms to choose from, the question is, “Which one do I choose and what is the criteria?” I’ll make it easy for all of us by breaking it up into the acronym “trust”. Five Steps You Should Take In Looking For a Small…

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Daily Marketing Tips

Deliverability Named as Top Email Challenge

If you are worried that your marketing email isn’t reaching customers, you are not alone. With companies often using multiple methods to monitor and filter incoming emails, it’s no wonder that marketers see deliverability as their top email challenge. One way to get around this is to encourage people who sign up to receive email from you to add your company to their whitelist.